221 Commits (master)

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  June 14c60a15bc
Add uint typedef 2 days ago
  June 9d7e0726c2
Add /raw command 5 days ago
  June 0d165fadfa
Send input errors to the current tag 5 days ago
  June 2797ac8abf
Rename verbose to raw 5 days ago
  June a23f587be8
Add standards needed for SASL to catgirl.1 5 days ago
  June 776ce58648
Implement SASL PLAIN authentication 6 days ago
  June 638be4e775
Show error if disconnected unintentionally 6 days ago
  June b1427dd169
Send only SIGHUP in sandman 6 days ago
  June e01b03c963
Revert half-working reconnecting stuff 6 days ago
  June 9106bd61fa
Add -a auth option for unimplemented SASL 1 week ago
  June a8c30b898c
Implement base64 encoding 1 week ago
  June 7ea54828a6
Call uiShow at init so that TermFocus gets set 1 week ago
  June 7dab1c01f6
Check nick to determine if is self 1 week ago
  June 26db6e6c10
Ignore ~ username prefixes 1 week ago
  June 452aeb5ecf
Move host, port, pass, webp to self 1 week ago
  June 0e1297e068
Add -r option for realname 1 week ago
  June 99c8a9fec0
Send automated messages to TagStatus with UICold 1 week ago
  June 7965214d28
Various man page tweaks and edits 1 week ago
  June 2222744192
Fix UI resume on /url 1 week ago
  June 3cf20eb67a
Add sandman.m to README 1 week ago
  June 5c17393d2b
Crudely handle reconnecting after suspend 1 week ago
  June e3cff14e03
Fix sandman hang 1 week ago
  June e708b795b5
Use sigaction in sandman 1 week ago
  June 414f928ac5
Handle signals consistently in the event loop 1 week ago
  June 9d769111ae
Separate ircConnect and ircDisconnect 1 week ago
  June 3d9906b00f
Measure length of log timestamp more consistently 1 week ago
  June 70386c93f2
Reformat sandman Objective-C code 1 week ago
  June af2a4ef1f8
Ignore sandman 1 week ago
  June deec27410a
Add sandman 1 week ago
  June 908b834c1a
Strip timestamps from log replay 1 week ago
  June d7659376d1
Add basic log replay 1 week ago
  June 5881a97c33
Show unread count in term title 1 week ago
  June 139036dd5a
Handle no such nick error 1 week ago
  June e4eb97e512
Add /whois 1 week ago
  June 3b3b0d65c3
Set LIBRESSL_PREFIX in Darwin.mk 1 week ago
  June 5f740e68c9
Add NetBSD.mk 1 week ago
  June d4abb6a766
Make use of config.mk and add Darwin.mk 1 week ago
  June 85ea911b79
Rename project catgirl 1 week ago
  June d9c47aa94b
Add M-m key to insert a blank line 1 week ago
  June 2eaa36a309
Add notification with notify-send 1 month ago
  June 36ec6cf258
Use const char *argv[] signatures 1 month ago
  June 9bc200bfe5
Fix verbose view name in man page 1 month ago
  June 1164db0ba8
Add more URL schemes 1 month ago
  June 35fdcbc285
Rework status line 1 month ago
  June 40f87ae909
Rename status and verbose tags 1 month ago
  June 75203b2e54
Revert "Race parallel connects" 2 months ago
  June e3e2b36ecf
Race parallel connects 2 months ago
  June 6aecd7a712
Call tls_error when tls_connect_socket fails 2 months ago
  June cca4b3fa10
Try successive getaddrinfo results 2 months ago
  June f1cae5194c
Render README from chatte.7 2 months ago