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CATGIRL(1)              FreeBSD General Commands Manual             CATGIRL(1)

     catgirl – IRC client

     catgirl [-Nv] [-W pass] [-a auth] [-h host] [-j chan] [-l path] [-n nick]
             [-p port] [-r real] [-u user] [-w pass]

     catgirl is a curses, TLS-only IRC client.

     The arguments are as follows:

     -N       Send notifications with notify-send(1).

     -W pass  Send ‘WEBIRC’ command with pass.  See ENVIRONMENT for details.

     -a auth  Authenticate with SASL PLAIN.  auth is a colon-separated
              username and password pair.

     -h host  Connect to host.

     -j chan  Join chan after connecting.  chan may be a comma-separated list.

     -l path  Log messages to subdirectories by target and files by date under

     -n nick  Set nickname to nick.

     -p port  Connect to port.  The default port is 6697.

     -r real  Set realname to real.  The default realname is the same as the

     -u user  Set username to user.  The default username is the same as the

     -v       Show raw IRC protocol in the ‘-raw-’ view.

     -w pass  Log in with pass.

     If -h or -n are not provided, they will be prompted for.

     Any unique prefix may be used to abbreviate a command.  A slash followed
     immediately by a number is equivalent to /view.

     /close  Close the current view.  Later views are renumbered.

     /help   Equivalent to /man.

     /join chan
             Join a channel.

     /man    View this manual.

     /me action
             Send a CTCP ‘ACTION’ to the current target.

     /names  List users in the current channel.  Equivalent to /who.

     /nick nick
             Change nicknames.

     /open [range]
             open(1) range most recent URLs appearing in the current view.
             range may be a hypen- or comma-separated range from the most
             recent URL, starting at 1.  The default range is 1.

     /open substring
             open(1) the most recent URL appearing in the current view
             matching substring.

     /part   Leave the current channel.

     /query nick
             Open a private message view with nick.

     /quit [message]
             Quit IRC.  The default message is “Goodbye”.

     /raw [command]
             Toggle the ‘-raw-’ view and send the raw IRC command.

     /topic [topic]
             Show the topic of the current channel or set it to topic.

     /url    Hide the UI and list the most recent URLs which appeared in the
             current view.  Press ⟨Enter⟩ to resume the UI.

     /view num
             Switch to view number num.

     /view name
             Switch to view for name.

     /who    List users in the current channel.

     /whois nick
             Query information about a user.

     Additionally, messages entered in the ‘-raw-’ view will be sent as raw
     IRC commands.

     catgirl provides Emacs-like line editing keys, as well as keys for
     entering IRC formatting codes.  The prefixes C-, M- and S- represent the
     control, meta and shift modifiers, respectively.  Special keys are
     enclosed in ⟨angle brackets⟩.

   View Keys
     C-l         Redraw the UI.

     M-m         Insert a blank line in the view.

     M-0 .. M-9  Switch to view by number.  See /view.

     S-Left⟩    Scroll view up by one line.

     S-Right⟩   Scroll view down by one line.

     ⟨PageUp⟩    Scroll view up by half a page.

     ⟨PageDown⟩  Scroll view down by half a page.

   Line Editing
     C-b, ⟨Left⟩   Move cursor left.

     C-f, ⟨Right⟩  Move cursor right.

     C-a, ⟨Home⟩   Move cursor to beginning of line.

     C-e, ⟨End⟩    Move cursor to end of line.

     M-b           Move cursor to beginning of word.

     M-f           Move cursor to end of word.

     ⟨Backspace⟩   Delete character before cursor.

     C-d, ⟨Delete⟩
                   Delete character under cursor.

     C-w, M-Backspace⟩
                   Delete word before cursor.

     M-d           Delete word after cursor.

     C-k           Delete line after cursor.

     ⟨Tab⟩         Cycle through completions for commands, nicks and channels.

   IRC Formatting
     C-n     Reset formatting.

     C-o     Toggle bold.  Note: this may need to be typed as C-v C-o.

     C-t     Toggle italic.

     C-u     Toggle underline.

     C-v     Toggle reverse video.  Note: this must usually be typed as C-v

     C-r     Set or reset color.

     To reset color, follow C-r by a non-digit.  To set the foreground color,
     follow C-r by one or two digits.  To set the foreground and background
     colors, follow C-r by one or two digits, a comma, and one or two digits.

     The colors are as follows:

     0       white
     1       black
     2       blue
     3       green
     4       red
     5       brown (dark red)
     6       magenta
     7       orange (dark yellow)
     8       yellow
     9       light green
     10      cyan
     11      light cyan
     12      light blue
     13      pink (light magenta)
     14      gray
     15      light gray

     SSH_CLIENT  If -W is passed and SSH_CLIENT is set, the ‘WEBIRC’ command
                 is used to set the hostname to the first word of SSH_CLIENT,
                 usually the client IP address.

           catgirl -h -j '&town'

     catgirl is a partial implementation of the following:

     C. Kalt, Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol, IETF, RFC 2812,, April 2000.

     Kevin L. Mitchell, Perry Lorier, Lee Hardy, and William Pitcock, IRCv3.1
     Client Capability Negotiation, IRCv3 Working Group,

     Jilles Tjoelker and William Pitcock, IRCv3.1 SASL Authentication, IRCv3
     Working Group,

     K. Zeilenga, Ed., The PLAIN Simple Authentication and Security Layer
     (SASL) Mechanism, IETF, RFC 4616,,
     OpenLDAP Foundation, August 2006.

     S. Josefsson, The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodings, IETF, RFC
     4648,, SJD, October 2006.

     catgirl does not support unencrypted connections.

FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE           December 2, 2018           FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE