IRC client
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CATGIRL(7)         FreeBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual         CATGIRL(7)

     catgirl – IRC client

     catgirl is a curses IRC client originally intended for use over anonymous

     It requires LibreSSL (-ltls) and targets FreeBSD, Darwin, NetBSD.

     On platforms other than FreeBSD, copy the appropriate file to
     and modify as needed.  The default install PREFIX is ~/.local.

           cp $(uname).mk
           make install

     chat.h     shared state and function prototypes
     chat.c     command line parsing
     event.c    event loop and process spawning
     tag.c      tag (channel, query) ID assignment
     handle.c   incoming command handling
     input.c    input command handling
     irc.c      TLS client connection
     format.c   IRC formatting
     ui.c       cursed UI
     term.c     terminal features unsupported by curses
     edit.c     line editing
     tab.c      tab-complete
     url.c      URL detection
     pls.c      functions which should not have to be written
     sandman.m  utility for Darwin to signal sleep

     sshd_config  anonymous SSH configuration       man(1) implementation for chroot

     catgirl(1), sandman(1)

     The UI is currently broken with NetBSD's curses implementation.

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