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  Causal Agent db3433432b
Refactor filterUserhostInNames 1 hour ago
  Causal Agent 9ad972c200
Factor out wordcpy for filters 2 hours ago
  Causal Agent b8b7018311
Revert "Test getopt_config" 1 day ago
  Causal Agent c8a771828e
Test getopt_config 1 day ago
  Causal Agent 8c731fb72e
Add userhost-in-names to manual 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 2eee1e6dca
Skip initial NAMES parameters 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 3a6ff15c47
Filter userhost-in-names 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 8fe37cf890
Compare words without copying in filters 2 days ago
  Causal Agent a083fdbf45
Separate tags from all target 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 33a107f82d
Filter invite-notify 2 days ago
  Causal Agent ed05845371
Add capsicum note to README 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 5ca40fc488
Filter extended-join 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 64905c6604
Expand client configuration documentation and list capabilities 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 45fc4fdd08
Request all supported caps from server 3 days ago
  Causal Agent dbfe19bb70
Filter ACCOUNT, AWAY, CHGHOST for incapable clients 3 days ago
  Causal Agent 510e4e18d1
Rename listen to local 3 days ago
  Causal Agent ca49c8f955
Remove extended-join and invite-notify 3 days ago
  Causal Agent d4ff045771
Maintain stateCaps and offer them to clients 3 days ago
  Causal Agent e7e54068aa
Parse capabilities 4 days ago
  Causal Agent a51cab7eed
Avoid the reserved _A names with BIT macro 4 days ago
  Causal Agent 2f39eabb2d
Define macro for bit flag enums 4 days ago
  Causal Agent 13fdf558c7
Check that password is hashed 4 days ago
  Causal Agent ca22cbfab6
Avoid calling getopt_long again after it returns -1 5 days ago
  Causal Agent da2643bc80
Only change AWAY status for registered clients 5 days ago
  Causal Agent 1732cd75cf
Just write the example normally 5 days ago
  Causal Agent 4498b2298e
Include path in readlinkat error 5 days ago
  Causal Agent d20bda982a
Call clientConsume before clientRecv 6 days ago
  Causal Agent 5e5df95e01
Use -l:filename in Linux.mk 6 days ago
  Causal Agent 6c63959d98
Fix compat.h for #defined strlcpy 6 days ago
  Causal Agent 1768fdbbca
Allow unsetting LIBRESSL_PREFIX 6 days ago
  Causal Agent ae8a7025b4
Document calico service configuration 6 days ago
  Causal Agent 875b57fb9b
Document SASL EXTERNAL configuration in more detail 6 days ago
  Causal Agent 82b2747725
Document pounce service configuration 6 days ago
  Causal Agent b043a5b6ca
Mention Darwin and GNU/Linux in README 1 week ago
  Causal Agent bbfac18d87
Assume LibreSSL from brew on Darwin 1 week ago
  Causal Agent a462b12452
Remove -DNO_EXPLICIT_BZERO from Darwin.mk 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 70031693a5
Don't install rc scripts or dirs on Linux 1 week ago
  Causal Agent c56a3c79bc
Add Linux.mk 1 week ago
  Causal Agent d8cd384622
Use #defines for constant strings 1 week ago
  Causal Agent c7223d7e0c
Declare more missing functions and deal with lack of SO_NOSIGPIPE 1 week ago
  Causal Agent f3b13a3f1f
Define one CERTBOT_PATH rather than two format strings 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 93d6fad117
Change license to GPLv3 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 97def9aafb
Add flag to generate a client certificate 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 81391f266e
Give SYNOPSIS Ars more informative names 1 week ago
  Causal Agent ee3ee8da9c
Expand SASL EXTERNAL documentation 1 week ago
  Causal Agent ee15889c43
Use explicit_bzero from LibreSSL 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 193902a5ed
Clean up bounce.c 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 8b131ba8a5
Use "priv" instead of "key" in options 1 week ago
  Causal Agent e6f2434fc0
Use arc4random_buf 1 week ago
  Causal Agent cbd23ef0c3
Add missing include 1 week ago