1221 Commits (master)

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  June c15feb05b3
Remove explicit "Os" from man pages 1 week ago
  June ca8c173e77
Rename watch to rec 1 week ago
  June c2130ec006
Remove \h binding 1 week ago
  June a672490deb
Add Jeff Wayne — The Eve of the War 1 week ago
  June 5560f675c5
Switch to pkgsrc on Darwin 1 week ago
  June ec04274cff
Fix ports for Linux 1 week ago
  June 238621f479
Un-hardcode fortune(6) path in cgram 2 weeks ago
  June 2150a657a8
Add cgram "port" from NetBSD 2 weeks ago
  June e97ce8e615
Add "ports" of some FreeBSD utilities for macOS 2 weeks ago
  June 065792b3b0
Return enum Error from file functions in edi 2 weeks ago
  June 89c9ceded1
Implement deserialization in edi 2 weeks ago
  June cab57be05c
Add premature serialization to edi 2 weeks ago
  June be60029b87
Set default .asm, .h, .sh syntax modes for vim 2 weeks ago
  June 82f62a0f72
Replace tableUpdate with tableReplace 2 weeks ago
  June e9d7a3a5ee
Move buffer length to blocks 2 weeks ago
  June 9cd85bb958
Disable number, laststatus, ruler in vim 2 weeks ago
  June 67fc39ec4a
Add Julia Holter — I Shall Love 2 2 weeks ago
  June 34532a5642
Add fileWrite for edi 2 weeks ago
  June 8ee3459cdb
Simplify edi file reading 2 weeks ago
  June eea271b509
Reorganize ignored directories 2 weeks ago
  June 49f804e989
Add Iter for edi 2 weeks ago
  June 914eae0db6
Fix freeing empty buffer block 2 weeks ago
  June 1efda72797
Read files in edi 2 weeks ago
  June a3ce3fbc08
Free buffer block if empty when allocating new block 2 weeks ago
  June 6957519054
Track hot slice in tables 2 weeks ago
  June 0b825562a1
Add bufferDelete 2 weeks ago
  June 7ddb116640
Alias ls='ls -p' 3 weeks ago
  June 5ff7fb11b6
Add missing include in dtch 3 weeks ago
  June e927957a6a
Avoid DST struct Table 3 weeks ago
  June a306968f58
Add Go Mono variants 3 weeks ago
  June e4153a1990
Add seeds of edi 3 weeks ago
  June 572d8a8cb6
Use png.h in gfxx.c 3 weeks ago
  June ca1aea390b
Remove zlib dependency from png.h 3 weeks ago
  June ddd3a5e6f2
Rearrange bin Makefile once more 3 weeks ago
  June 5e7fd9112e
Factor out png.h 3 weeks ago
  June 4d633ecee6
Add \l binding to insert AGPL comment 3 weeks ago
  June 4f2c4b5d02
Add Chromatics — Running Up That Hill 3 weeks ago
  June 2fd4ca94a4
Clean up and improve dtch 3 weeks ago
  June 3021962725
Use typedefs uint and byte 3 weeks ago
  June f5ea408758
Add \s sort binding and simplify \h and \a 4 weeks ago
  June 3aef881587
Remove msr606 1 month ago
  June 84ebdcda60
Implement all of MSR606 1 month ago
  June f360cf3a5a
Add Low — Double Negative 1 month ago
  June 69eb11b847
Prevent buffer overflows in pngo 1 month ago
  June 2a591fb119
Remove other building bindings for engineer 1 month ago
  June 2be9e083ca
Set MANSECT for sections 2 and 3 before 1 1 month ago
  June 3a7035ac97
Add Rival Consoles — Helios 1 month ago
  June bea23818ee
Nice shot! 1 month ago
  June ed2b16c718
Fix tags target 1 month ago
  June 0296e57ea6
Remove klon 1 month ago