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  Causal Agent 294e56d823
Match make targets as Tag 2 days ago
  Causal Agent dc90a36735
Use $PWD in html.sh to pass absolute path to man 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 750193cbfa
Factor out html.sh and produce html for all sources 2 days ago
  Causal Agent 794d993079
Use hi -o anchor in up 4 days ago
  Causal Agent 8f027a00b0
Don't match nested parentheses in Tag for C 4 days ago
  Causal Agent 25e13814fe
Match whitespace between * [] {} 4 days ago
  Causal Agent cd38055135
Fix function-like #define regex 4 days ago
  Causal Agent 88289ed91d
Match Tag in Rust 4 days ago
  Causal Agent 901e37ead8
Match sh functions as Tag 4 days ago
  Causal Agent e2383a21ef
Match Sh and Ss as Tag in mdoc 5 days ago
  Causal Agent 73590ef5ae
Match statics and typedefs as Tag 5 days ago
  Causal Agent 70b7d640b2
Clean up htmlHeader 5 days ago
  Causal Agent f438b38474
Remove hi line numbering 5 days ago
  Causal Agent 739de3b5f7
Add Tag class to hi 5 days ago
  Causal Agent c5c30c6137
Generate HTML with hi -n -f html -o anchor 5 days ago
  Causal Agent 0146865a33
Add hi -f html -o anchor for line number links 5 days ago
  Causal Agent 29b9e54482
Simplify temp trap in up 6 days ago
  Causal Agent bacacf6678
Add line numbers to hi 6 days ago
  Causal Agent 33edc48545
Always split spans after newlines 6 days ago
  Causal Agent 8dbe7a1939
Highlight Interp as yellow 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 707986c7b8
Highlight strings in sh command substitutions 1 week ago
  Causal Agent ae63d67bfd
Avoid newline when copying URL to pasteboard 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 0cee5ed415
Match newlines in sh strings 1 week ago
  Causal Agent e588145e43
Clean up scheme yet once more 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 03470766d3
Fix sh comment pattern to require blank 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 72c8f202f5
Unify *up scripts into one up.sh 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 68d5b021f2
Use a proper fread-realloc loop in hi 1 week ago
  Causal Agent fa7bd1d641
Don't match Rust raw strings inside other strings 1 week ago
  Causal Agent dffc8ac113
Add Rust to hi 1 week ago
  Causal Agent d1d7ebd207
Call setlocale in hi 1 week ago
  Causal Agent ba35b2fbe2
Install html with -C 1 week ago
  Causal Agent cf90b09e5c
Avoid excessive tags in ttpre 1 week ago
  Causal Agent babba03a94
Generate html for bins 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 1c59f25f3e
Add plain text "language" to hi 1 week ago
  Causal Agent f164c7a39a
Don't match DQ string inside SQ string 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 5c72122bf4
Skip only one character if a match fails due to parent 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 7e1b3772cc
Remove pattend from hi 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 85b57ff197
Replace uses of pattend with newline patterns 1 week ago
  Causal Agent f1180055ea
Add hi debug output 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 0347fcc3a2
Actually do HTML " escaping 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 4bf3e1dd24
Add back missing static keyword 1 week ago
  Causal Agent 1748f04aaa
Add tab option to HTML output of hi 2 weeks ago
  Causal Agent 8f661c130b
Add css and inline HTML options to hi 2 weeks ago
  Causal Agent 4473cafa50
Combine all Keyword patterns 2 weeks ago
  Causal Agent 76f4d8afb7
Run hi -c after compiling hi 2 weeks ago
  Causal Agent e90649c65d
Fix IRC output monospace option to emit once per line 2 weeks ago
  Causal Agent 134f509399
Add output format options to hi 2 weeks ago
  Causal Agent cb7c9af1b2
Avoid using SGRReset and IRCReset 2 weeks ago
  Causal Agent 75329dc7a3
Use X macros for hi classes 2 weeks ago
  Causal Agent 10b2f09cb8
Add sh syntax to hi 2 weeks ago