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  June 07cb41d956
Remove explicit Os from gfx man pages 6 days ago
  June 572d8a8cb6
Use png.h in gfxx.c 1 month ago
  June 90837e8ad9
Use col -b to remove formatting for README 2 months ago
  June c185ca0670
Fix README mandoc lints 2 months ago
  June 5fa1300543
Move gfx man pages to gfx/man 3 months ago
  June 56e8803c62
Rewrite gfx.7 and render plaintext README 3 months ago
  June 260b434509
Add "blank" lines to man pages 3 months ago
  June 57ef66e307
Put real dates on man pages 3 months ago
  June aa5b7ab66d
Replace gfx README with REAMDE.7 3 months ago
  June cfbb67a437
Link gfx man pages in ~/.local 3 months ago
  June 6d57c0f6f9
Add gfxx.1 3 months ago
  June c82bb12ec6
Add brot.1 3 months ago
  June defede1691
Use PascalCase for constants in gfx 3 months ago
  June 2fdda232c6
Add dependencies on gfx.h 3 months ago
  June 4e890ccf09
Add gfx README and LICENSE 4 months ago
  June 41ca10496f
Move graphical programs out of bin 4 months ago