The repository formerly known as dotfiles
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BIN(7)             FreeBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual             BIN(7)

bin – various utilities

Various tools primarily targeting Darwin, FreeBSD and NetBSD. Some tools
target Linux.

aes(1) fullwidth output
beef(1) Befunge-93 interpreter
bri(1) backlight brightness control
brot(1) Mandelbrot renderer
dtch(1) detached sessions
fbatt(1) framebuffer battery indicator
fbclock(1) framebuffer clock
gfxx(1) graphics data explorer
glitch(1) PNG glitcher
hi(1) syntax highlighter
hnel(1) PTY input remapper
modem(1) fixed baud rate wrapper
pbd(1) macOS pasteboard daemon
pngo(1) PNG optimizer
psf2png(1) PSF2 to PNG renderer
psfed(1) PSF2 font editor
scheme(1) color scheme
ttpre(1) man output to HTML
up(1) upload file
wake(1) wake-on-LAN
wat(1) watch files
xx(1) hexdump

To build graphical tools, set one of:


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