147 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  June 807c8008b4
Call cap_enter in client and server 2 weeks ago
  June b6b4e6c340
Fix make clean 2 weeks ago
  June ecc97ef1d4
Use png.h and config.mk 2 weeks ago
  June c546925412
Fix Makefile indentation 1 month ago
  June 31736dfb12
Add install target 1 month ago
  June 97b96ae311
Add rc.torus 1 month ago
  June ca58a35095
Only use pidfile(3) on FreeBSD 1 month ago
  June 287c2039af
Add server daemonization 2 months ago
  June 6eb9b8bc4f
Replace torus.7 with torus.1 2 months ago
  June 638ebfa03b
Add -s flag to client 2 months ago
  June 8b71da2185
Add -d and -s flags to server 2 months ago
  June 22466ae773
Refactor image.c 2 months ago
  June 109baa8d1d
Ignore image 2 months ago
  June fcc9bee663
Add PNG renderer 2 months ago
  June 8031787d62
Link statically 2 months ago
  June c751cfd493
Use PascalCase for constants 2 months ago
  June 5d7ac824b2
Merge branch 'ansi' 3 months ago
  June 76350f1e60
Dump HELP_DATA with client -h 3 months ago
  June 5ca8b1d006
Map modifyCount on log scale 3 months ago
  June b6d7075d88
Update help page 3 months ago
  June 555708b1ba
Leave line mode with . 3 months ago
  June 2c3b387d77
Add line mode 3 months ago
  June e06fa42321
Fix key code handling 3 months ago
  June 3d8f04a557
Add .o rule for BSD make 3 months ago
  June 08d2be6206
Revert "Explicitly build from .o objects" 3 months ago
  June ede0aa9a91
Remove -lm 3 months ago
  June 10df862510
Explicitly build from .o objects 3 months ago
  June 7f824ec013
Implement map rendering 3 months ago
  June 4e98681f34
Shrink map 3 months ago
  June c92e9c288a
Send now in map 3 months ago
  June a015f73a75
Calculate min and max meta for map server-side 3 months ago
  June 9ccee371e1
Fill in the help page 3 months ago
  June ad216941dd
Always interpret space as space 3 months ago
  June 897adb9ca2
Separate 8, 9 and *, ( 3 months ago
  June bfa20a387e
Add copy and paste 3 months ago
  June 02c3c58225
Add client-side help page 3 months ago
  June 79386ebf96
Remove help 3 months ago
  June 97216e7486
Add g for flip 3 months ago
  June f3430df949
Implement I, directional insert 3 months ago
  June 934942c5f2
Add C-l to redraw 3 months ago
  June 6ea0eebad7
Support CP437 in merge 3 months ago
  June 3f0b006069
Add ssh:// links to index.html 3 months ago
  June be5c51ab42
Implement R 3 months ago
  June 77435ded97
Implement r 3 months ago
  June b8fe8dc9f4
Add F-keys to set shift 3 months ago
  June 4f47d8d8a4
Add C-a and C-x 3 months ago
  June 34ffee9f33
Implement ` ~ and x 3 months ago
  June fdc53e8fe4
Fix black-on-black once again 3 months ago
  June 7d0c160118
Track cell{X,Y} client-side and implement swaps 3 months ago
  June 17440e29ff
Maintain a tile client-side and support cursors 3 months ago