Collaborative ASCII art
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torus(1)                FreeBSD General Commands Manual               torus(1)

server, client, image, meta, merge – collaborative ASCII art

server [-d data] [-p pidfile] [-s sock]
client [-h] [-s sock]
image [-k] [-d data] [-f font] [-x x] [-y y]
merge data1 data2 data3

server maps a data file and listens on a UNIX-domain socket to
synchronize events between clients.

client connects to a UNIX-domain socket and presents a curses(3)

image renders a tile from a data file using a PSF2 font to PNG on
standard output. To build with kcgi(3) support, copy to

meta extracts metadata from a data file on standard input to CSV on
standard ouput. The CSV fields are tileX, tileY, createTime,
modifyCount, modifyTime, accessCount, accessTime.

merge interactively merges two data files data1 and data2 into data3.
Differing tiles are presented in a curses(3) interface and are chosen by
typing a or b.

The arguments are as follows:

-d data
Set path to data file. The default path is torus.dat.

-f font
Set path to PSF2 font. The default path is default8x16.psfu.

-h Write help page data to standard output and exit.

-k Run a FastCGI worker for use with kfcgi(8).

-p pidfile
Daemonize and write PID to pidfile. Only available on FreeBSD.

-s sock
Set path to UNIX-domain socket. The default path is torus.sock.

-x x Set tile X coordinate to render.

-y y Set tile Y coordinate to render.

This software targets FreeBSD and Darwin.

help.h contains tile data for the help page and can be generated from the
first tile of torus.dat.

default8x16.psfu is taken from kbd:

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